It's Not Just About Us


Fuse Project is just one nonprofit in a sea of organizations. We’ve known since our inception that making an impact on the community would be something we could never do alone. Our goal is to make sure every child has the opportunity for success and there are many organizations with the same passion behind their drive. Here’s a look into how we are accomplishing our goal and how we’ve joined forces with local nonprofits:

Work hard, then work even harder

Nonprofit? No, we’re community game changers. Our mission begins and ends with children and we strive to build a better world for them every single day. How do we do this? By funding initiatives who are already crushing this goal. Our mantra is “if it’s not WOW, it’s not worth doing”, and this is something we live and breath by. We’ve raised over a million dollars to give in grants to programs along Alabama's Gulf Coast. These grants are our lifeline to the nonprofit community. It’s this connection that allows us to move all the pieces together to be able to see the bigger picture. It’s teamwork that makes the dream work, right? 

Cowork to collaboration

In November 2016 we opened the doors to our nonprofit coworking space, Fuse Factory. The vision behind this was to allow organizations to have a place to work without having to worry about the insane costs incurred through a workplace. We are able to offer office space for below market value alongside our many amenities shared by members. This lowers overhead and allows these community game changers to focus more on their mission instead of their budgets. We’ve basically created a modernly designed space that is a hub for nonprofits and encourages collaboration that sparks innovation. 

But we aren’t stopping there. Like we said, this isn’t just about us. It’s about the community, the men and women who give up their free time to be able to have an impact on these lives. As we work harder, we hope you do too. Everyone has their own path to success and we’re thankful just to be alongside for the journey. 

Fuse Project