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1. Collecting Admission

We need volunteers to assist in collecting and selling tickets at the entrance.

2. Team Loading

Assist paddlers getting into boats, catch boats at dock and help unload paddlers, keep spectators out of load area, and keep the area neat and clean.

3. Team Marshalling

Call and line up multiple teams for races.

4. Finish Line

Serve as a runner between scorekeepers at the Finish Line and scoreboard. Keep spectators out of finish line area.

5. Paddler's Village

Walks around Paddler Village, picks up trash and assists teams as needed.

6. Alternates

Helps coordinate alternates throughout the day. Ensures they are checked in and ready to go to team marshalling as needed.

7. Information Booth

Serve as a source of information and hospitality for all competitors, volunteers, and spectators. Event runner, answer questions, maintain lost & found, facilitate emergency response. Placed in main DB command tent to help take day of donations, answer questions, etc.

8. Merchandise Tent

Sell Fuse Project and Dragon Boat Festival merch.

9. Ice Truck

Sell 20 lb bags of ice from the ice truck.

10. VIP/Hospitality Tent

Allow/monitor entry into the VIP tent and keep area clean.

11. Children's Area

Help with bounce houses and children's rides.

12. Recycling/Trash

Help keep containers emptied throughout the day.

13. Clean-Up Crew

Assist with equipment and other needed clean-up at the end.