Fuse Factory is an innovative community of organizations who serve the public purpose. Our members include out-of-the-box thinkers who are open to new suggestions and eager to improve our community. The combined efforts of our members create “synergy” resulting in a huge positive impact for the Gulf Coast Area.

We are cultivating a unique experience to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. Fuse Factory provides higher visibility in our community while increasing your level of collaboration with other like-minded groups and individuals. Fuse Factory is a place where you thrive, as you bring what you do to life.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Casey Hitson

Church of the Apostles

Robert Seawell

Hands and Feet Ministries

Zach Brining

Little Angles, Inc.

Tammy Ruffin

National Multiple Sclerosis Society 

Mandy Therrell 

Scanland Consulting

Pat Scanland

Success 4 The Future

Reggie Hill 

Take the Next Steps 

Mark Davidson 

Women of Virtue 

Dwan Jackson

Veterans Recovery Resources

John F. Kilpatrick

 Meta Acceleration

Robin Rolison

Victory Teaching Farm

Tarrant Lanier

Exalte’ Magazine

Kymberly Soule

Whatever Ministry

Makenzie Cunningham

Pure Vine

Krystal Lockett 

Fuse Project