Nonprofit Co-Working Space

About us

Fuse Factory is a Nonprofit Co-Working Space for Mobile and Baldwin County nonprofits. The newly renovated office is located on the 4th floor of 200 Government Street. Fuse Factory provides a modernly designed office to promote forward thinking within our community and will continue the groundswell of momentum for the re-development of downtown Mobile. The atmosphere within the space allows nonprofits to collaborate, network and share ideas to help eliminate cross-over and create best practices among them.

Where did you get the idea?

The Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN) was born out of a small convening of nonprofit center operators in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 2000’s. While shared nonprofit workspace was not a new concept, a growing trend of sharing space to create synergies and cost efficiencies was emerging across North America.

What problem are you trying to solve/what opportunity are you trying to create?

Since the early 1970’s, only 2% of GDP is donated to nonprofits. In today’s financial landscape, a nonprofit must be innovative in order to secure their piece of that 2%. Our goal is to foster a diverse group of non-profits who will increase their net revenue through collaboration, networking and weekly best practice seminars with other local nonprofits.

What type of nonprofits are you targeting?

We aim to identify nonprofits that possess the following characteristics:

  • 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) status, or actively applying for their status;
  • 5 or less employees;
  • Outside-the-box thinkers;
  • Open to new suggestions & show a willingness to improve their community; and
  • Nonprofits with goals of making a big impact on the City of Mobile.

What goals have you set for those nonprofits?

We want to increase net revenue of all nonprofits in the space by 10% in the first twelve months through collaboration, networking and weekly best practice seminars

  • Monthly Executive Director/CEO/Chairman of Board “round tables” to share ideas
  • Ability to plan/execute WOW fundraisers that create a BIG impact in our communities

Why are co-working spaces so appealing?

  1. We will have member only networks where you can learn more about the other nonprofits who share the space and about their mission, values and future goals.
  2. We will provide special programming that includes pertinent educational seminars and regular get togethers in order to connect our members on a regular basis.
  3. We will have an open floor plan that offers all different types of furniture (swings, couches, phone booths, etc) and even a coffee bar!
Fuse Project